December 2017: AAI Product selected for China Intelligent Vehicle Competition

AAI offers a realistic world simulation for autonomous driving to test with.

The simulation contains intelligent traffic agents, various road users, configurable weather / time / contexts and more.

Configurable Contexts

Viewable in VR

Fully Customizable

Our Core Products

Intelligent Traffic

  • Fasten your seatbelts, AAI dynamic traffic is being rolled out.
  • Micro- and macroscopic, intelligent traffic in a simulation environment.
  • Multiple types of road user is trained using a hybrid approach of artificial intelligence technologies.
  • AAI Traffic is the only way to drive millions of kilometres within months compared to conventional testing methodologies.

Scenario Generator

  • Extensive test scenario coverage mandatory to be available for approving autonomous driving functions.
  • AAI can generate traffic scenarios dynamically based on real HD Maps using the AAI intelligent traffic.
  • The AAI Scenario Generator saves the manoeuvres / interactions / failures of drivers automatically.

More in the Toolkit

Simulation Environment

  • Runs AAI Traffic and AAI Scenario Generator.
  • State of the art gaming technologies and real HD maps.
  • High level of realism, including simulated weather conditions.

Sensor Fusion Validation

  • Timing in sensor fusion is the key for any decision and prediction algorithms of autonomous vehicles.
  • This tool validates the correctness of the autonomous driving software's sensor fusion and the synthetic world in a visual way.
  • AAI sensor fusion validation currently supports camera and Lidar. Coming next are radar and ultrasonic sensors.

Image Manipulator

  • Interface for 3rd party start-ups / developers to manipulate the graphics (e.g. images / materials / sign boards) to challenge autonomous driving SW. This is necessary since a single pixel change can sometimes influence the decision making of autonomous driving software.


  • Analytics create value: in-depth analysis of what happened in last few hours of driving, and why the autonomous vehicle behaved in such a manner.
  • AAI analytics offers all the dynamics with open plug-ins for analysing the psychology of our customers’ Autonomous Driving Software.


  • Supplement to AAI Analyzer for replaying challenging scenarios to autonomous vehicle.


  • Configure simulation environment, complexity levels, etc.
  • Allows customers to configure the design of their autonomous car models, e.g. defining exact installation angles and positions of their sensors.
  • This can be achieved within the customer’s development environment.

Featured News

AAI Product selected for China Intelligent Vehicle Competition

Dec, 2017

AAI has been selected to provide its simulation environment via its proprietary software technology to test all the participating vehicles in the 2017 China Intelligent Vehicle Championship (“CIVC”), which is co-hosted by China Automotive Technology & Research Center (“CATARC”), China Association of Productivity Promotion Center (“CAPPC”) and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd., jointly undertaken by Auto Technical Information Research Institute of CATARC, National Automobile Industry Productivity Promotion Center and National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Zone.

AAI selected as a Showcase Company for “2017 NAVINFO User Group”

On 16 Nov, 2017

AAI has been selected as a Showcase Company for “2017 NAVINFO User Group” held in Beijing, China on 16 Nov 2017 organized by NAVINFO. Mr Intakhab Khan, our CEO, will also participate in the Panel Discussion to explain how AAI’s solutions could resolve the problems identified in the area of autonomous driving during this event.

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Nominated as Five hottest Start-Ups in Europe

On 11 Oct, 2017

AAI has been selected as the five of the hottest start-ups in Europe for GTC Europe Inception Awards held in Munich, Germany by Nvidia.

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First Contract with Audi

8th Aug, 2017

AAI GmbH signed a contract with Audi Electronics Venture GmbH to provide AI based traffic agents for Audi's simulation model.


AAI is a start-up founded in Berlin, since 2017.

We offer a virtual 3D platform replicating a realistic world environment that tests the boundaries of autonomous driving software, with the aim to make autonomous driving safer.

Self-learning agents inject reality into our virtual platform. They are trained using supervised & unsupervised learning (e.g reinforcement learning) methodologies.

Platform development is supported by a team of passionate experts from following fields: Automotive industry Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality Embedded software development

AAI also cooperates with leading OEM / OES and universities to enhance its platform.