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Creating a replica of the world, to support safer and faster development of highly automated driving.

Onboard your vehicle into our intelligent simulation environment,

to efficiently challenge and train it over millions of virtual miles.


Enable sophisticated validation approaches
The explorative approach that proves the capabilities of automated and autonomous driving algorithms, through testing millions of miles under realistic conditions.
The deterministic approach to directly challenge specific driving functions, based on relevant scenarios and a multitude of available iterations.
Cutting-edge solutions
  • Dynamic traffic configuration composed of various types of agents
  • AI-trained driver profiles based on real-life behavior
  • Realistic data output and reliable performance
  • Multiple sensors with exact positioning on the test vehicle
  • Comprehensive and scalable test scenario coverage
  • Support of SAE Level 2, 3, 4, and 5 functions
  • Simulation based on real HD maps
  • Modelling of streets and environments
3D Realism
  • High level of graphical fidelity
  • Dynamic weather and light conditions
  • Create value through in-depth analysis
  • Replay recorded events during test runs
AAI Logo
AAI Logo
AAI Logo

Founded 2017 in Berlin, Automotive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) GmbH is here to help you accelerate your highly automated and autonomous driving software development. In our intelligent simulation environment, AAI ReplicaR, it is possible to test the boundaries of your autonomous driving software in highly customizable test configurations.

Programmable traffic situations and road conditions are simulated in realistic environments that have been created based on high definition street maps. Today a virtual vehicle only needs eight hours to travel the same distance that would take a real-world car more than one month. Our aim is to further widen this gap - by increasing the simulation speed and scaling. The precise reproducibility of all incidents as well as the reduced testing time are the key advantages for our customers.